For over twenty-seven years Alamo Consulting Engineering & Surveying, Inc., formerly C.A. Bolner and Associates, Inc., a small business enterprise (S.B.E.) has been a source of technical and management assistance for State and Federal government, corporations, and individuals engaged in public works and land development activities in South Texas. During this time, the firm has acquired extensive experience and the ability to furnish complete, integrated consulting services including civil and municipal engineering, environmental site assements, and railroad route engineering for our customers. Surveying services for right-of-way acquisition, digital ortho photogrammatry, GPS work, static, kinematic and RTK GIS data collection, and boundary reports.

The ability to work with clients on projects and to understand their needs is an important part of Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. Alamo Consulting Engineering & Surveying, Inc. takes pride in our working relationship with our clients. Our firm has a wealth of experience with right-of-way surveying, flood studies, on and off-site utilities, both existing and new installations, platting and replatting of property, and other services normal to Civil Engineering and Land Surveying.

Alamo Consulting Engineering & Surveying
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